Expanding through the power

of voice and breath


Flowing with the subtle vibrations

of sound & movement


Transforming towards the true self

through mythic self enquiry share circles


Celebrating the body through

play, fitness and being in nature

In these remarkable times of world wide record highs of suicide, depression and social dis-ease, we are inspired to do our part in transforming the world by putting our own house in order first.

TribeGaia stands for World as Village, for Manchester as Family, for bringing love home. We stand for being present to love in the Here and Now. We call that heart, authentic, being present, conscious and sacred.

We’re not anti-government, anti-drugs, anti-patriarchy, or anti anything. We’re not about hating, preaching, being against or hoping for something different.

We’re about already making an impact, already happening, delivering and being for what’s possible NOW. For being a source of joy, wonder, connection, transformation and depth. We stand for the courage to live, the courage to love, the courage to be powerful.

Together we are bridging to a new way of connecting as a community through dance, music, mythic self enquiry, play and gathering in nature.

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