Expanding through the power

of voice and breath


Flowing with the subtle vibrations

of sound & movement


Transforming towards the true self

through mythic self enquiry share circles


Celebrating the body through

play, fitness and being in nature

AIR – Expanding through the power of voice and breath

Soul Sounds with Damien Mahoney

June 5th & July 10th – Wednesday – 7-9pm

Niamos, Chichester Rd, Hulme, M15 5EU £10 on the door


Communal singing group led by Damien Mahoney, using the Natural Voice approach. Celebrate the voice you were born with as you explore songs from across the globe. No experience necessary.

Rhythm of Breath – Tribal Sounds & Breath Journey

June 29th – Saturday – 6.30-9pm

Niamos, Chichester Rd, Hulme, M15 5EU £25 on the door, £20 concession


Healing journey of breathwork, live music and voice work with facilitators Suzie Poyser, Nic Malin, Matthew Pickles & Damien Mahoney. Breathwork to expand our consciousness and refine our awareness of the inner & outer world.

WATER – Flowing with the subtle vibrations of sound & movement

Live Improvised Sound Journey with The Order Of Love

May 10th – Friday – 7.30-9.30pm

Pure Yoga, 29 Charlotte St., Macclesfield, SK11 6JB £14 on the door


A ceremonial space to express yourself freely. Stillness & movement, meditation and dancing with Music As Medicine musicians. 'The movement becomes the music becomes the medicine'.

One Love – Live Ecstatic Dance with The Order Of Love

May 11th & July 6th – Saturday – 7-10pm

OneYogaStudio, Unit 14, Albany Road, Chorlton M21 0AZ £12 on the door


Multi-instrumental, global percussion soundscape for dance & celebration facilitated by Shelly Skye. An ever evolving and shifting flow meditation with completely improvised soundscapes.

Yoga & Live Music with Shelly Skye & Damien Mahoney

May 13th – Monday – 6-7.30pm

Space at the Mill, Duke St., Manchester, M3 4NF £10 on the door


Damien Mahoney (Music As Medicine & Caulbearers) accompanies Shelly Skye to explore Yoga movement, Meditation and Healing Sounds with tabla, guitar & voice. Suitable for all levels. Feel a deeper connection to Body and Mind.

Music As Medicine Presents: KUMBHA! with Shelly Skye

June 15th – Saturday – 7-11pm

Niamos, Chichester Rd, Hulme, M15 5EU £10/£12/£15 on the door


A night of dance, movement, community, celebration and release. Live improvised music from The Order Of Love with guest Anton Hunter, facilitated by Shelly Skye. Afro, funk, dub & psychedelic flavours.

The School of Omega with Julie Goddard

July 7th – Sunday – 2-4pm

Yoga Cafe , 385 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, M21 9HA £12 on the door


Exploring crystal mastery, reiki, dowsing, grounding, intuition development, and all round energy management in preparation for reiki and Goddess Isis activations. Meeting monthly will be a peeling back, allowing the flower within to open so you can live from the true power & radiant beauty of you.

FIRE – Transforming towards the true self through mythic self enquiry share circles

Men’s Circle with Will Barton & Luke Donnelly

Monthly, Mondays, 8-10.30pm May 20th, June 17th, July 15th

DW Gym, Whitehall Rd, Sale, M33 3NL £10/£12 on the door


A courageous space where men share frankly their experiences of becoming the best versions of themselves. Shares are themed on the chosen archetype of the month followed by a shamanic journey to receive guidance from within. Meet your power animal, warrior, inner child and more.

Mixed Circle With Will Barton & Luke Donnelly

South Manchester, Monthly, Mondays, 8-10.30pm May 27th, June 12th, July 1st, July 17th

DW Gym, Whitehall Rd, Sale, M33 3NL £10/£12 on the door

Central Manchester, Monthly, Wednesdays, 7-9.30pm May 18th, June 21st, July 17th

City Therapy, 79a Lever St, Northern Quarter, M1 1FL £10/£12 on the door


Set to a different theme each month, the circles are archetypal investigations into every side of our personality & life. From creativity and discipline to love and vision, each session we’ll uncover another layer of the human condition through shares of the trials, victories & mysteries of our own heroes journey along with shamanic journeying to receive guidance from within. Archetypal themes and journeys include power animals, warrior, inner child, death/rebirth, higher self and more.

EARTH – Celebrating the body through play, fitness and being in nature

The Soul-Wave Express with Mica Sinclair

Monthly, Saturdays, 2.30-4.30pm May 25th (Conscious Camp), June 22nd, July 13th

Niamos, Chichester Rd, Hulme, M15 5EU £10/£12 on the door


You are most cordially invited to join us on board the Soul-Wave Express. Using movement, dance, singing, games, exercises, connection and everything in between to go that bit deeper into what it means to be a human.

Gaia Walks with Will Barton & Luke Donnelly

Monthly, Sundays, 12-5pm May 19th, June 23rd, July 28th


Various locations of natural beauty £10/£12 on the door A monthly detox away from screens so to enjoy the simple pleasures of magic and play, of connecting to nature and ourselves. Journeying through streams, waterfalls, valleys, mountains, all destinations will be beautiful and in driving distance of Manchester.

Holistic Boxing with Luke Donnelly

Every Tuesday, 7.15-8.45pm Studio25, 25 Church Street, City Centre, M4 1PE £11 on the door


Combining yoga, fitness, meditative yin relaxation and a mindful boxing inquiry into your explosive power, the practice investigates how you move to reveal & clear long held habitual block and unlock tremendous ease, power & grace.

WillPower PT with Will Barton

Available for 1-to-1 & small groups

DW Gym, Whitehall Rd, Sale, M33 3NL £30/hr


With a background in leading men’s work, share circles & shamanic healing, Will brings depth & heart to the world of fitness. Whether it be meditation & contemplation or weights & HIIT, Will stays present to your wellbeing so that you can be your best self no matter what life brings.

In these remarkable times of world wide record highs of suicide, depression and social dis-ease, we are inspired to do our part in transforming the world by putting our own house in order first.

TribeGaia stands for World as Village, for Manchester as Family, for bringing love home. We stand for being present to love in the Here and Now. We call that heart, authentic, being present, conscious and sacred.

We’re not anti-government, anti-drugs, anti-patriarchy, or anti anything. We’re not about hating, preaching, being against or hoping for something different.

We’re about already making an impact, already happening, delivering and being for what’s possible NOW. For being a source of joy, wonder, connection, transformation and depth. We stand for the courage to live, the courage to love, the courage to be powerful.

Together we are bridging to a new way of connecting as a community through dance, music, mythic self enquiry, play and gathering in nature.

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