The Journey

It's 2014. Luke is training 5+ a week. A 3x English, 2x British Kickboxing champion, he's proud of where's he's got to. He's become a well recognised athlete on the circuit. And he's restless for something more. He win's one more English title. He announces his retirement the next day and catches a ferry to Europe for 2 years of adventure.
It's 2015. Luke finds himself working at a beach cafe near Newquay, Cornwall. Living by the ocean, he dreams an elaborate future full of adventure and learning. First he must raise funds. He sets up a class teaching his own approach to boxing and works 12hr bar shifts at the weekends.
It's 2016. Luke studies the movements of passers by in downtown Manchester. Defeated shoulders and crumpled chests everywhere. The same defeated shoulders drop by his class. He stands them in front of a mirror and guides them layer by layer to relax into their full stature. Eyes pop. For the first time they see that they're giant. Luke wants to scream at the world, 'You're not meek!'
It's 2017. 'Your Kundalini, it's coming up!'. Luke has no idea what a kundalini is. All of his sense of reality rapidly speeds away. She explodes his heart open and probes through his third eye. An awareness to an abundance of internal energy becomes present. He's having to rethink existence. He's invited to go to his first 'Conscious' Festival the weekend after. He meets a key partner of destiny – Will Barton. Luke leaves the festival with a thought, 'I need to start talking about energy. These people are ready for it.' Luke creates The Sacred Warrior Dance and facilitates at three festivals before the summer is over. He feels at peace knowing that now he has a way to show people how Giant they truly are.
It's 2018. Luke delivers the dance 9 times in the city. Facilitators contribute to the now 11hr workshops. Different ideas are experimented with. A community is growing. The Sacred Warrior Dance is refined and the Sacred Water Dance is created. Luke and Will begin delivering Men's Circles together. They witness the struggle of men at a much deeper level than before. Luke undergoes the Landmark Forum, Advanced and Forum in Action Seminars, which hugely upgrades both his and Will's communication. Their ego's are both slammed by the death rebirths of the eclipses and retrogrades. The closing of the year is much more sober than it's opening. It's time to step up the game.
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