The Journey

It's 2019. Spring. Luke & Will decide more needs to be done to get the important work out to the wider public. Capital raised from their winter workshops has paid for a stand at the Om Yoga Show in Manchester. A summer timetable is distributed showcasing many of the cities most unique dance and wellbeing workshops including ceremonial dance events held by The Order Of Love and Music As Medicine.
It's 2019. Summer. Kumbha! and The Solstice Party Weekend are highlights in June. A Men's Retreat is scheduled for July. An introduction to the Landmark Forum and a party celebrating the Autumn Equinox is scheduled for September along with a whole host of workshops and share circles in between. The intention is on initiating large groups of men and women through the ABOB 'Beyond The Hero' Weekend and the Landmark Forum, along with the monthly archetypal share circles, so that TribeGaia can be a container for keeping unconditional love alive in Manchester.
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